Will the Cloud API for the app switcher/application navigator become public?

We’ve been using the undocumented API endpoint /rest/menu/latest/appswitcher for a while in Atlas CRM for cloud. This has been working fine for the past half year, but now we’ve noticed that this endpoint is no longer returning custom configured links. Will this API become public?


Hey! We’ve made some changes to the app switcher in cloud since you posted this a year ago, and I’m not sure if you’re still looking for an answer on this.
Can you elaborate a little more on what you were looking to use this for?
Have you checked out the new gateway/api/available-products/api/available-products endpoint? It returns the current user a list of sites they have access to.

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Hello - this new endpoint is going to be helpful. Do you have a link to the documentation for the new endpoint? Thank you.


We have an app switcher in our app which allows navigating to installed products in a Cloud instance, such as Jira or Confluence. Besides installed products you can configure custom links in Jira and Confluence through the UI here: /plugins/servlet/customize-application-navigator.

We were also displaying those custom links in our app switcher which is replicating the behaviour in Jira and Confluence. Fetching those custom links is only possible through the /rest/menu/latest/appswitcher endpoint. That endpoint is undocumented. I was wondering if that endpoint will ever be public so we can use it in our app without worrying about changes that will cause it to stop working.

I have just checked out the gateway/api/available-products/api/available-products endpoint. That endpoint is returning only the available products and not those custom configured links I have mentioned before. I have also noticed that that the endpoint is returning null as the value for URLs.