Workflow custom component

I would like to develop a workflow component that can talk to out deployment system as part of workflow.
What do need to do to develop such component?
I had a look at plugin modules but didn’t find any module suitable for that

could you please point me to some documentation/guide how to develop custom state/transition ?

Hey Deepak,

Welcome to the community, as this is a JIRA related question I moved it to the JIRA Development category for you.

If you are using JIRA Server (you are hosting your JIRA instance) you can take a look here:

If you are using JIRA Cloud (the URL of your JIRA instance ends on * you can take a look here:

In addition to Peter’s links - would be the specific server code to look at.

Depending on what you’re trying to do etc - you can also use JIRA’s web hooks: . This will basically mean that you’d be coding everything in your deployment system to accept JIRA’s web hook format.

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