Workflow for testing marketplace licensing

Hi - I am new to marketplace licensing… to date I have been developing my app in a locally hosted dev environment utilising ngrok and a local credentials.json file to handle installs within my dev Jira instance. I then deploy my app to a staging environment and install into a Jira staging instance by ‘uploading’ my app descriptor url on the “manage apps” screen - therefore bypassing the marketplace…

What is best practice/general workflow for testing marketplace licensing?

If my ACE descriptor has “enableLicensing: true” - I am prompted to “start a free trial” before the app will install. Clicking this button prevents me from being able to upload the app again in the Jira instance as it is deemed to have been “installed by the marketplace”… incapacitating my dev instances for future use…

I have tried creating a private version of my app and associated token in the marketplace that points to my local ngrok dev environment and dev Jira instance. I am also having trouble understanding how new private version increments are then being triggered in the marketplace?

What is the best workflow to test licensing? Hoping others have been down this path before and can offer some guidance

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So thought I would share my finding thus far (thanks to some help from @remie ) in case they are of use to anyone else… It seems a good practice is set enableLicensing to false for dev and true for staging and production.

In staging and production add private listing tokens that allow testing of license states. In order to ensure your Jira instances are not rendered incapacitated due to a direct marketplace install, it’s important to manually install/upload your app via the UPM then manually install the token in the UPM by copying and pasting the token ID.

DO NOT use the link generated by the token which is linked to the marketplace as this will prevent you from manually installing/uploading your app to your instance forever more…