Workflow validator error message doesn't show

I’m following the tutorial for workflow validators.

The error message only shows up when I change the status of the ticket in the ticket view, but when I drag the ticket error message doesn’t show. How do I show the error message when I drag the issues from one stats to another? I am using a company-managed board.

Here is how I configured the manifest.yml


    - key: issue-fields-validator
      name: issue-fields-validator
      description: Validates if the given has supplied all the required fields
      function: validator
    - key: validator
      handler: index.onIssueValidate
  id: {app-id}
    snapshots: true


export const onIssueValidate = async(
  event: Record<string, any>,
  context: any
) => {...}

Screenshot for workflow validator:

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Thanks for the report @mcbmanalo!

If the error message is displaying in one context but not another, I suspect you may have run into a regression in the validator UX.

I’ve just raised this internally with the team that maintains Forge’s workflow validators. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve confirmed.

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hello @mcbmanalo could you paste some screenshots of the board when the issue occurs ?
Is there any generic error message visible or is there no error message at all ?

Hi @TomaszKanafa ,

Sorry, but there are no error messages that show up at all. So I can’t show any screenshots.

hello @mcbmanalo could you create an issue on ?
possibly with your site address and app name/id ?
Does the issue with missing error message occurs when using standard Jira validators eg. Field Required Validator - Field must not be empty during the transition.

Sorry about the late reply.

Alright, will do so.

Yes, I have also tried adding the validator transition to require a field. It has the same behavior with the custom build that I have done.