Workspace uuid on configurePage module


I need to get workspace id/slug on workspace admin window. While on repository admin window it can be added as path parameter using context ?workspaceId={user.workspace.uuid} i was not able to do something like this on configurePage module. Is there a way to do that?

Hi @FirstSecond,

First up, welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community! There is a list of context parameters injected per type of connect module What you’re looking for is this: ?workspaceId={target_user.uuid}

The difference between target_user and user is that user refers to the authenticated user who is viewing the connect app, Ie the user logged into Bitbucket. target_user can be thought of as the workspace the app is running from within (for non-personal apps).

For instance, if you visit an app’s configure-page which is installed into workspace foo, the target_user will refer to the foo workspace, and user will refer to your personal user.

Hope that helps,