Write a simple confluence blueprint wont let me create a template

Im following the Write a simple confluence tutorial but when i get to the 4th step which ask to create a blank template, the confluence wont load anything and I get this errors in the console

for anybody having issues with this tutorial, you will have issues with many of the confluence tutorials. my recommended workaround as of 08/2023 is to install confluence using a trial license, and then when you have that up, instead of working through the various tutorials, download the zip or clone from repo (all the tutorials have this option at the start), then package the tutorials and upload them into your confluence instance. not perfect but better than absolutely nothing.

for the record, to package a tutorial, when inside the root directory of your plugin (after downloading and extracting the zip) run atlas-package. hint: the folder that contains pom.xml is where you want to be when you run atlas-package.

at that point, in your confluence instance, go to manage apps in the top right, upload apps somewhere on the screen that comes up, and then navigate to the same directory you ran atlas-package in, and then look inside the target directory for a jar file, upload that. i did this and was able to understand the tutorial a bit.