Writing 'editor2' data does not seem to save page in editor2 format, page properties not indexed


I am trying to build an integration from python to Confluence Cloud. I am trying to push ‘page properties’ blocks onto pages with information from an external data source.

I have been able to create and label content but I cannot seem to get the page content right. Once I write a page, even if it is in body.editor2.{ value:"<ac:…", representation:“editor2”}, the first time I open the document in confluence it says it is ready to be converted to editor2.

Is there a way to create a page that is already in editor-v2 format so it does not ask me to convert it the first time I open it?

In addition, once the page is created, it does not seem to be indexed so the page properties do not show up in a page properties report. Is there a away to force a reindex of the newly created page?


Maybe it helps to just add a content property to the page like:

{"key": "editor",
 "value": "v2"
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@AxelKnorre Perfect. It is all in the metadata.properties. Found this too: Editing pages created via /rest/api/content

The editor choice looks good.

Now, I just need to deal with getting it to index the page properties so they show in the page properties report. It doesn’t seem to do that unless I open and save in the editor.


Looks like a new Page Properties Report macro was deployed in Cloud today that might solve this indexing issue.