Writing macro for getting Jira data to display in Confluence page

Hello everyone,

After spending hours reading through old ‘tutorials’ and dev-community contributions I’m at a loss.

I’m currently trying to write a Confluence macro plugin, which is supposed to display specific information from Jira, e.g. issues, issue comments, etc. Both Jira and Confluence are connected through an application link. I know there exists the Jira Issue Plugin in Confluence similar to my needs, but which is just too limited. I also browsed through the docs and found something about the applicationLink libraries provides by Atlassian, but didn’t manage to unterstand the basic usages.

My question therefore is: How can I extract any desired information from Jira and show it in a Confluence page? Is a macro plugin the only way or is there another way of doing it?

Confluence: 6.1.3
Jira: 7.1.0

Thanks in advance,

Hi Michael

As a starter, try looking at this JIRA Release User Macro and adapt it. It basically wraps the Jira Issues macro, but could be a start without doing any real programming.

Failing that, find the source for the Jira Issues macro in the Confluence source code and adapt that.

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