Writing plug-ins with Kotlin

Is it possible to write a plug-in for Jira Server using Kotlin instead of Java language?


For Jira Server you’ll need to use Java to create a plugin. If you just want to use the REST APIs and not build a plugin you can use Kotlin

However, for Jira Cloud you can use any technology stack such as Kotlin to create your app as you host the app on your own servers.

Hope this helped.

You could also vote for the issue here to improve Kotlin support:

Improve Kotlin interoparability - JRASERVER-68091

The good thing about Kotlin is that it’s interoperable with Java. So there are no hard technological issues with building a Kotlin-based Jira app. We actually have introduced Kotlin in our app and it’s working fine. For example, <component> instances are declared in Kotlin and are properly initialized. I guess there might be some cases where you’d have to create Java classes but I believe the majority of the app can be done in Kotlin.

Hope this helps! If you have specific problems with Kotlin-based app code, feel free to post here.

Update: I checked the ticket mentioned before – there you have it, some places where you’d want to use Java still. But you can have the rest of the app in Kotlin.

Another thing that we found tricky is JSON serialization – we’re still using Java classes for transfer objects.