XMLInputFactory Error on IPhone App (not on Browser)

Hi there,
I have a confusing error on a different behaviour between IPhone Conflunce App Version and Web-Browser.

Technical the macro receives Data (XML) from a Redmine server. The XML is stored in a ByteArray Class.
Storing in a ByteArray allows to cache the Redmine server response for a while.

For parsing it was wrapped by ByteArray Stream:

    public InputStream httpGetAsInputStream(String url) throws IOException {
        byte[] result = httpGetAsString(url).getBytes(UTF_8);
        return new ByteArrayInputStream(result);
    private static void parse_xml(InputStream in, TicketState t) throws Exception {
        try {
            // ---> THIS FAILS  on IPhone only
            XMLStreamReader reader = XMLInputFactory.newInstance().createXMLStreamReader(in);
        }   ...
try {
     InputStream strm =  ....httpGetAsInputStream(tmpurl);
     parse_xml(strm, t);

The XML Output is parsed and rendered as a HTML-Table.

What is realy confusing to me is that the Webbrowser works like expected,
but the IPhone App Throws the Exception: Provider for Class javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory cannot be created

Well that is the server side … there should be no difference between IPhone App and Browser.


In addtion:

A mobile Browser will render the Page: