You can't operate on a closed Connection! - getting this error when running Active Objects Unit tests

For some reason, I am getting this error when I am running Active Object Unit tests on the lines of this tutorial : . Has anyone ever got this error so far while running atlas-unit-test. If so, may I please know what would be the possbile cause of such errors while running atlas-unit-test in my local environment?

May I please have any pointers on this? I am trying to compare my code with, but unsure why this exception is thrown when I run a unit test:

java.sql.SQLException: You can’t operate on a closed Connection!!!

Is there anything I need to do to close an Active objects connection from within a unit test?

I was able to fix this issue. The problem was that the notnull fields had to be supplied in DBParams, as well as every unit test related to active objects had to be annotated as NonTransactional.

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