Your top 3 asks on Jira Service Management extensibility

Hello JSM Cloud app partners,

I’m a PM on the Jira Service Management (JSM) ecosystem team. I would love to understand your top 3 asks as it pertains specifically to JSM extensibility. In order to get focussed responses, please do not include other topics such as Forge, Jira platform extensibility, pricing, general ecosystem needs, and so on.

I’m really looking for your top asks for REST, UI endpoints, and use cases you would like to see enabled from a JSM extensibility standpoint. So things like more APIs at and UI extension points at About Jira Service Management modules (bottom of this page) would be quite relevant.

Looking forward to your responses!

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Hi Abhinaya,

we do indeed have a few things that would help us a lot, as we use JSM APIs quite a lot for our app.

  1. JSM portal currently uses a lot of private APIs to get most of the information, it would be really helpful to have most of them public. E.g. information that is currently missing from the public APIs:
  • Portal announcement message
  • Portal customizations (e.g background image)
  • Service Desk descriptions + images
  • Request type group description texts
  1. Expose an API that allows retrieving a list of “Services” (ITSM) for a request type/service desk. Currently, we cannot create requests with the API because there is no way to get a valid list of services

  2. Have an API for getting approval information, e.g. fetching possible approvers (see [JSDECO-190] REST API to retrieve possible Approvers - Ecosystem Jira)

Thanks for considering, happy to walk you trough these requirements in a call or give you more details in a doc!


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Hi @tobias.viehweger thanks for the feedback. I understand 3 but would like to understand 1 and 2 more. I’ll reach out to you to set up a call.

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We need to use JSM Insight REST APIs from our Connect apps but currently they support only the Basic authentication (with user email and API tokens).

Please make the authentication consistent with all other Jira Cloud REST APIs and support JWT authentication and user-impersonated OAuth2 tokens. See also comments by others in [JSDCLOUD-9879] REST API for Insight JSM Premium Cloud - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

Kind regards,

  • Satisfaction comment should be available as a part of the ticket, not a separate request

not extensibility but core functionality:

  • multiple gadgets per sprint
  • reporter’ email should be easy to see/copy

those two aboe are REAL pain

Hi @AbhinayaSinha
That would be great if you could add below api’s/locations:

  1. (Customer Portal) REST API to control the visibility of request types
  2. (Queues) Custom bulk operation to perform some operation on selected issues

We are ready to discuss our needs during the call if you like.

Appsvio Team

Thank you @raimonds.simanovskis. I’ve passed your message to my colleague who works on Insight.


  1. ADF support for comment/description-related REST APIs It’s currently a hassle to send comments in ADF, you have to post the comment in JSM API, then update it in the Jira Platform API with the ADF you want.
  2. APIs to edit the templates for customer emails. For our Read Receipts app, we need the JSM project admin to add the snippet to the email template that contains the tracking pixel. It’d be great if we could do that for the admin.
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