Zendesk Jira Integration

I am using zendesk support for Jira plugin to integrate Jira and Zendesk but at the time of connectivity it is error as below:

By the error message I imagine that Zendesk can’t resolve your address. You might have to use a external address IP instead of localhost.

thanks for your reply.
now, I used external IP Address and self signed certificate. but still it is showing same error.

192.168.x.x is the class C network block for private networks (see Private network - Wikipedia). So this is not your external IP adres, it is the IP adres of your workstation on your local network. If you want to expose your local computer to the internet, you might want to consider using Ngrok (http://ngrok.com). If you need help configuring your network to allow external access to a on-premise server you might want to check with your IT administrator.

Also, I’m very confident that Zendesk will not allow a connection to a self-signed certificate. I would recommend looking into Let’s Encrypt (http://letsencrypt.org), which will enable you to install a valid SSL certificate for free.

EDIT: ngrok also comes with SSL, so if you use ngrok it should work

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Agreed with @remie, by your IP range it is a private network address. I think that ngrok will works well in your case.

Just a note that each time that your run with ngrok(free version) you get a new URL and probably you will need to update your JIRA Base URL and the integration with Zendesk to keep it working properly

OK. Thank you so much for the information.
I have one more instance where we are configuring external IP address to access and we have already configured base URL with same IP address too. but we are facing same error. can you please tell me the solution for this.

Have you tried accessing the URL from an external device, like your mobile phone (using a 3G/4G connection) or from home? Perhaps even run a separate service which only outputs “hello world” just to confirm that you have solved your connection problem and are able to reach the endpoint.