💰 $170K In Prizes - #CodegeistUnleashed is LIVE!

Codegeist Unleashed, Atlassian’s annual developer hackathon, is now open. This year, developers get a shot at more than 20 ways to win $170,000 in prizes, swag, and a trip to Amsterdam for Atlassian Presents: Unleashed to show off their AI building skills.

:muscle: Your Challenge: Build an AI app using Atlassian’s Forge platform in one of the following categories:

  • AI Apps for Developer Experience
    Enable more efficient and seamless developer workflows by automating repetitive work and forecasting next actions.
  • AI Apps for Collaboration
    Foster thoughtful and innovative collaboration across individuals, teams, and tools.
  • AI Apps for Data-Driven Insights
    Utilize data to make predictive recommendations that unearth useful and unexpected insights.

From now until October 24th, you can enter as an individual or team to join the AI revolution and unleash the future of work.

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Sounds fun but just to understand it correctly, there is no forge AI toolkit? We should use external systems?


Hi @clouless, that is correct. There are a few AI platforms/services that are mentioned on the Devpost site. Of course, you’re not limited to using those listed.


I found https://huggingface.co/ an amazing resource for free models, learning and trying out ideas.
Perhaps @nmansilla you can include this in the devpost resources?


Thanks @UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1 ! Great suggestion - we’ve added the link :slight_smile:

I would love to build an app using the Atlassian Intelligence API. That’s the right thing to do, right, no data egress. Could you please add the REST API documentation links as well.
Thanks, can’t wait to explore the Atlassian Intelligence interface.
Cheers, Ulrich

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Hi @UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1. Although this is something that’s currently being explored, APIs for Atlassian Intelligence are not available at this time.


Any chance to have Bitbucket Forge EAP available to participate with Bitbucket apps for Codegeist?

The fact that only Forge apps are allowed would make it otherwise impossible to participate with a Bitbucket app.

Especially given that one of the categories match with Bitbucket’s purpose:

AI Apps for Developer Experience
Enable more efficient and seamless developer workflows by automating repetitive work and forecasting next actions.

I think starting the Bitbucket Forge EAP for Codegeist now would be a great chance for Atlassian to get early feedback from the community, and to get more Bitbucket Cloud apps in general.

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Completely agree with @michael.rueegg !
We were also exploring ideas for Bitbucket apps, and the absence of Forge for Bitbucket was recognized as a blocker.

Hi @michael.rueegg, @aioceva and all,

The Bitbucket Forge EAP will be available before the end of September.
It will be an open EAP so the ability to build apps on Forge for Bitbucket will be available for everybody without any need to join a group or to have the feature enabled on a specific site.

In the meantime, you can get an idea of what will be available by checking the recording of the Forge roadmap here.
On the DevDay23 site, we also have a recording of a hands on training by Edmund showing the Forge capabilities. Here is the direct link to that session. To follow along, you’ll need to wait for the EAP to launch.

One last note, while the EAP is open, we have prepared a group for developers and teams who might want to join the conversation, share feedback and engage with the engineering team about the EAP.
You can sign up here: Bitbucket Cloud x Forge - EAP - Atlassian Community

Can’t wait to see your app submission(s) at Codegeist!



Good news @ccurti, we are looking forward to it!


:wave: @michael.rueegg, @aioceva and everybody here,

Just a quick message to confirm that Forge is now available for building Bitbucket Cloud apps.

The available modules and functionalities are linked in the changelog. There you can find two tutorials that can help you getting started.

For any questions, comments or feedback please feel free to join our community group here: Bitbucket Cloud x Forge - EAP - Atlassian Community.



Thank you, @ccurti !
We will have a look.

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Hello @ccurti,

We are going to submit our Forge Bitbucket application to CodeGeist 2023 and we don’t know how to fill in the field Provide your project’s Installation link. There is an instruction next to the field:

To create an installation link, follow the instructions to Start sharing your app.

According to the instruction we have to choose the Atlassian Product, but there is no Bitbucket in the list:

What we should put to this field in case of applying with Forge Bitbucket application?


We experienced the same issue about creating an Installation link for Bitbucket Cloud forge EAP app.
Maybe @EdmundMunday can help us?


@YuriKarnilaev @MarkusSutterMibexSof,

You are right, this is currently not possible. We are discussing options for the submissions and we will keep you posted.

Thank you and sorry about that! We should have been proactively letting you know.

@YuriKarnilaev @MarkusSutterMibexSof,

I just posted an update here: Codegeist Unleashed: Can AI fuel the workplace? Find out by building AI apps on Atlassian’s Forge platform. $172,500 in prizes and trips to Amsterdam for the top 3 winners. - Devpost

Hope this works for you,


@YuriKarnilaev @MarkusSutterMibexSof,

We realized today that we missed a step in the instructions above.

If the app requires the user to “Allow access” please also do the following:

  • deploy the app to the production environment
  • install the production version of the app to the same workspace already submitted

Otherwise, we will not be able to review the app because the consent flow will fail with the following:

I’m very sorry for this late update,

Hello Caterina,

Thank you for the update.

The submitted workspace has the production version of the application installed, and has always had that version installed.

I assume that this is a limitation of Forge apps for Bitbucket at the moment, whereby a user cannot grant access to an application unless the user is a contributor to that application. I’ve added you to the app’s сontributors so you can give access to the app. If any other email addresses need to grant access to the app, please let me know and I will add them to the list of contributors.

Kind regards,

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Our app doesn’t seem to have that screen. At least in our testing.

Otherwise, we’ll have to probably switch the demo workspace, as @MarkusSutterMibexSof is on vacation.

Best regards
Roman Stoffel