💰 $300K In Prizes - #Codegeist2022 is LIVE!

Back & Better Than Ever!

#Codegeist2022, Atlassian’s annual developer hackathon, is now open. Compete with thousands of developers from across the globe to build solutions for IT, DevOps, or Business teams in hopes of winning BIG with $300,000 in cash prizes.

:muscle: Your Challenge: Create the best app for one of the following team types. Each category will award first, second, third, and fourth place prizes, plus honorable mentions.

  • Apps for DevOps Teams: Addresses an internal or publicly shared need within DevOps teams for better collaboration, automation, and intelligent workflows.
  • Apps for IT: Addresses an internal or publicly shared need within IT service management teams to deliver faster and collaborate effortlessly.
  • Apps for Business Teams: Addresses an internal or publicly shared need within the workplace to create, collaborate, and organize work in one place.

With more than 50 ways to win and $300,000 in prizes distributed amongst primary and bonus categories, trips and merch, now is the right time - to build with Forge!

Join Us - See :eyes: You There


So connect is out of the game?

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That was also true last year :man_shrugging:t2:

What’s far more concerning is that forge is still equally unfit for creating complex apps as it was a year ago.

See also It’s time to start being open to the idea that Forge may have been a mistake


Hey all, this is Karen from the marketing team. Confirming that Codegeist will be Forge-only, as it was last year. We view Codegeist as an opportunity for the developer community to push creative boundaries and experiment with new ways to solve problems. For some developers, it can also be a fun way to try a new stack.

We also want to provide new tools for the developer community to build with, and there have been many Forge releases since Codegeist 2021 that we think developers will enjoy: Jira Service Management support, external authentication, UI modifications, and monitoring, to name a few :slight_smile:

We hope you’ll take part, have fun, and enjoy the competition. If you have any questions about building with Forge, or just want to chat with members of the Forge team, we’ll be running Office Hours sessions over the next few weeks.


Any plans for non forge apps competition ? :wink:


HammerForge time!


“We hope you’ll take part” - We’ve been investing some time in building and evolving new Forge-based apps over the past few months. My team (in Brazil) would love to participate, but apparently, we’re off the eligible list. Can you guys please elaborate a little more on this decision? :ok_hand:

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I’m sorry @EduardoOliveira - We would love for Codegeist to be open to as many developers as possible, but we do have to exclude some territories for various reasons, which depend on the nature, structure, and proposed scope of the promotion and the details of local laws.

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Translation: basically local laws. Brazil requires promotions to be approved by their Ministry of Finance. Quebec requires all materials to also be in French.

At least that’s what I could piece together from a quick search: this and that.


Good luck everyone !


Hi @kwhite, we released a Forge app 2 weeks ago, and we are still making big improvements. Can we still submit this app, or does it have to be submitted to Marketplace during this hackathon window?

Hi @chhantyal - Pre-existing projects can be submitted, but they must undergo a significant update during the hackathon period to be eligible. This will be up to the judges’ discretion - the judges will be evaluating what participants have been able to build within the time constraints of the contest. If you choose to submit a pre-existing project, the update will need to demonstrate exceptional innovation and execution to compare favorably with submissions that have been built entirely from scratch during the hackathon.

For reference, adding the language from the official rules:

(iv) New & Existing: Projects must be either newly created by the Entrant, not yet published prior to The Hackathon Submission Period, or, if the Project existed prior to the Hackathon Submission Period, must have been updated or rebuilt in the Forge platform after the start of the Hackathon Submission Period.


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