A new create flow and templates experience is coming to Confluence Cloud!

Hi there, developers!

Dilani here from the Confluence Cloud Product Team. I’m here to share some exciting changes to our create flow and template experience in Confluence Cloud.

Redesigning the create flow

After researching how our users typically create new pages in Confluence, we’ve redesigned the page creation flow to make it faster to build from scratch or find a template to help you get started. We will be removing the existing create modal and defaulting you to a blank page with template selection moved directly into edit mode. With this change, you will be able to browse templates by your role or use case. In the final stage of rollout, we will release a rich preview of the template so you can view it before selecting.

Today: create modal

Coming soon: new side panel

Final: add rich preview

How to access templates & select a space

After you land on a blank page, you will see the panel on the right hand side where you can select a template by clicking on it. Once rich previews are launched, you’ll be able to hover over the template and preview it prior to selecting. If you do not want to use a template, just click anywhere on the blank page and start drafting.

You can also find the space selector above templates in the panel if you need to create your page in a different location.

A new template gallery with 40+ new templates

Alongside the new in-app experience, we’re releasing 40+ new templates for roles such as HR, design, IT, Sales, and more. These templates will live in-app and in a new template gallery on Atlassian.com. Use the template gallery to learn how Atlassians, fellow customers, and our partners use Confluence.

When will I get this?

Developer instances that are apart of the Ecosystem Beta Group, will be in the very first cohort of instances that will get this new create flow, along with a small group of customers. We will begin rolling this out in the next few weeks. The majority of customers will see this feature over the next few months. Customers can defer this change by contacting support.

You will start to see the new templates with-in the existing create modal over the next few weeks.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback below!


Is it possible to use them in Jira? or are there any Jira templates which allow changing the look of it?