Custom macros not rendering properly on the new Template preview experience

Hi devs,

I’m referring to the new Template rich preview experience as previously shared here.

Currently, what’s we’re seeing is that if a template or page that has 3rd party macros like ours, the preview renders these macros as extension (which looks ugly).

We were expecting the preview to render like what is seen when previewing the template directly.

I checked and it seems like the content of these previews are retrieved via cgraphql?q=TemplateBodiesQuery which returns a stringified adf value.

While native macros are rendered beautiful in these previews but static and dynamic content macros aren’t. Do we need to update something on our end to get our macros rendered properly in these previews or could this is a bug on Confluence side at this point?

I also played around with other renderModes (pdf, word, email) than what we already have (default), but that didn’t seem to help.

Please advise.