Configuring a custom image cover as preview in Connect's Blueprints module

Hi devs,

We’ve been trying out creating our own Blueprints template with Connect’s blueprints module and noted down some findings:

  1. Dynamic macros are rendered as “extension” in preview when its storage format is inserted directly into the template (blueprints.xml).

  2. Image storage format doesn’t seem to be able to render during preview. However, when a HTML img tag is inserted, preview renders “Unknown attachment” but renders the image fine when template is used.

What we’re looking for is to be able to configure a custom image as preview in Blueprints module as “a quick fix” so we don’t have to show the existing shortcomings of the new preview experience of Blueprints.

Curious to know if others have similar experience and wish for this feature.



It’ll be great if Connect’s blueprints module contain info on how to change the Blueprint’s cover image. Feature request raised here [CONFCLOUD-73222] Be able to configure a custom image cover as preview in Connect's Blueprint module - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.