A peek into Marketplace's new app listing page

@skanodia I can reproduce it on Firefox 89.0.2 (64-bit, Ubuntu Linux). Looks fine on Chromium however, so seems to be related to Firefox.

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@skanodia having it again, but only on Firefox, not on Edge and Chromium.

Thanks, @david.toussaint, and @ben2 — yes this does seem to be a Firefox-specific issue on Windows / Linux.
We’re looking into this.

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An update on the release — app listing was rolled out to 50% of ours visitors earlier this week the data collected so far suggests all the funnel metrics are healthy.

We plan to tread carefully soon plan to follow it up with a 100% rollout.

Just tried updating a cropped image, and the dimensions of the smallest crop are no longer 580 x 330 (and so not the 550px width mentioned above). In order to provide the largest possible image when cropped, we need to know the dimensions indicated in the screenshot.

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Before you roll out to 100% can you update the style guides you said needed updating? Or are they already updated? It sounds like there are still questions about image sizes amongst vendors.


@skanodia A few images in one of our App listings (link) seem so be slightly resized/with different aspect ratio when scrolling through the media section. Opening each image on it’s own (without scrolling) seems to work fine so I’m assuming that it’s not related to the actual files.
Could you double check that please? Thanks al lot!

@david.toussaint and @ben2: We pushed a fix for the appearance of ghost scroll bars on Firefox — do let us know if this works as expected.

@david.toussaint I’m sorry, I’m not sure I follow the issue from your description. I’d recommend creating an AMKT Help ticket with additional context for issues with specific listings — it’s easier to track conversations there.

I can confirm, the ghost scroll bars are gone, thanks a lot :pray:

I’ll create an AMKTHELP for the other issue.

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Hey everyone. I’m a designer on the Marketplace team working with @skanodia on this.

A couple of updates from our end:
When you crop an image, we now show the dimensions of the crop area. (as shown in the attached GIF) This should help you in preparing images of the required size. @LauraCampbellElement

Reg. the styleguides - We are in the process of updating them and you should see the updated document by early next week. There is no change in the image dimensions for the highlights. The minimum size of the image remains as is, at 580x330px.
Reference: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/building-your-presence-on-marketplace/



@skanodia Ghost scrollbars are gone here as well - thanks!

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I’ve filed AMKTHELP-37406.

Hi there,

My name is Anastasia, I’m with Stiltsoft. We’ve recently integrated the Segment app with Marketplace listing with the help of the Atlassian team.

We’ve noticed that there’re not so many events tracked in Segment. For example, there’re 6 events for the Awesome Graphs app today while our Google Analytics tracker shows at least 34 page views for the Cloud overview page.

Our suggestion is that the new Marketplace listing UI is not tracked by Segment. Is that true or could there be any other reason for this behavior?


Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that carefully and gradually over a period of over a month, we have now rolled out the new app listing page layout to all our users.

How did we ensure the conversion health of the app listing re-architecture?

As a part of our page conversion analysis, amongst others, we closely monitored the two funnel steps in the conversion experience —

  1. Click-through rates on the main “Get it now” / “Try it free” CTA on the app listing page
  2. Pass-through rates between the main CTA clicks and
    – Landings on the in-product marketplace for cloud apps, or
    – Artifact downloads for Server / DC apps

We collected enough statistically significant data at each phase of the incremental rollout to ensure both of these conversion funnel steps were healthy for the new page architecture. There have been no deviations in overall conversions and evaluations.

Wins for reliability and agility

  • A more resilient app listing page with better availability
  • Allows the marketplace team to be more agile when shipping new exciting features and improvements for the Marketplace app listing pages

Wins for user experience

  • The new app listing page is now a part of the marketplace single-page app experience —
    browsing to app listing pages from the home/search pages is up to 70% faster and our overall meaningful paint times for the page are seeing an 18% improvement (median) — which provides for better UX and improved SEO.
  • The new app listing page layout is fully responsive across tablets and mobile (which currently account for ~15% of page views)
  • A more consistent user experience across Marketplace website and in-product app store

A comparison of these layouts on smaller screen devices, an improvement we made long this release

This rollout helps us establish a resilient foundation for one of the most important Marketplace pages and allows us to further our pace of improving app listing pages for both http://marketplace.atlassian.com and for the in-product marketplace for our users. We will also continue investing further to improve the performance of app listing pages to boost funnel metrics and SEO.

I’d like to thank everyone here who took the time reported bugs, suggested improvements along the journey.