Access confluence WYSIWYG editor (AJS.Confluence.QuickEdit) from macro on the page in view mode


Please tell us how to load required resource to make available AJS.Confluence.QuickEdit on the page in view mode.

This property appears only when user switch to edit mode.
But we need it in view mode to implement quick edit feature in our macro.

Hi @sergeisolomatkin,

Is your question perhaps related to Confluence Server? In Confluence Cloud JavaScript API is invoked with AP.Confluence prefix (docs are here), and I don’t see QuickEdit being described there.

If yes, could you please re-post your question in the Confluence Server community? You might get a faster answer there.


Hi, @RomanToropov
No, my question is about Confluence Cloud. In fact AJS is there too.

Hi @sergeisolomatkin,

AJS.Confluence.QuickEdit seems to be available in legacy TinyMCE editor and when viewing pages created in the legacy editor. There is no access to this property from modern editor and when viewing pages created by modern editor.

Creating pages via legacy editor is not supported in Confluence anymore. We still support editing and viewing such pages, but they’re essentially obsolete.

This property seems to be inherited by Cloud legacy editor from Confluence Server where it was available for plugins, but it doesn’t seem to be publicly available in Cloud.

Out of curiosity, you mentioned that you’re using it from inside a macro. Macros are rendered in Confluence Cloud as iframes. How does your macro have access to this property from inside an iframe?


Hi @RomanToropov

We added support of nested macros, like it discussed here Show macros within dynamic macros

So, if there are jira issue in the content, I think it comes with resources that inits AJS property.

Actually I thought that there is a way to add some resource to an iframe to make AJS.Confluence.QuickEdit available.

But if that’s not possible, what can you advise for organizing content editing in the cloud, which can include rich text and nested macros?


@RomanToropov Please give us advice :slight_smile: