Access to the Forge EAP program

We would like to test some Forge features currently available as EAP.

How should we apply to the program?
Is there a form to fill out someplace, or do I need to contact someone in particular?


Hey @alessandrodistefano,

Any features in particular that you are interested? There are usually more than one EAP going at the same time. For example, my team is running an extended EAP where participants get early access to Forge app observability features some times weeks before they are generally available.
Features that are coming soon are:
Group metrics by version
An ability to adjust the threshold for Forge app alerts
Then next quarter we will start to gradually enable early access to Performance insights and platform limits and quotas

Happy to add you to the closed EAP. We accept any feedback you are able to share about your experience testing those features, even if one sentence is all you can do.

Let me know.




Hi @AngelinaIgnatova
Thank you for your response.

We would like to use this component within our apps:

Thank you for the suggestions. It would be exciting to participate also preview features that are running your team :smiley:

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Great, I will add you to the EAP. As for the Jira dashboard gadget, it should be generally available by now.
CC: @JakubMierzewski

We have tried adding a gadget to one of our apps and it is currently not working. I think it hasn’t been released as GA yet.

@alessandrodistefano could you let us know what did go wrong? FOrge Jora Dashboards gadgets should work fine. We plan to release them to GA soon.

Hi @JakubMierzewski

I tried to add a gadget to the manifest, but I don’t see it in the list of available gadgets on my Jira dashboards.