Accessible Resources returns an empty list (Oauth2 3LO)


I’ve made a 3LO App that follows the authentication flow described here.

So far so good and I can login as user and get user details from .
I would only need the User Identity API scope. But for testing I’ve added all Confluence API, User REST API, User Identity API

The problem now is, when I access the acccessible-resources endpoint at as described in the documentation: The endpoint always returns 200 with an empty array. (json “[]”). But I just confirmed access to a Cloud instance on the log in screen? And the call returns fine. Retried also with another Atlassian Cloud instance but the list is still empty.

Any ideas? – My goal is to get the BaseURL of Jira/Confluence which the users did choose on the log in window.


Hi @LukasGotter - Did the auth flow that you kicked off only include the scope read:me ? If so, I was able to reproduce what you described. Can you try adding additional scopes like read:confluence-content.summary on the initial auth flow request, and see if the available resources endpoint returns additional information? Doing this worked for me.

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Furthermore, I confirmed that a completely invalid token and a timed-out token, both yield 401 Unauthorized. (Yes, I did wait an hour for a token to time out.)