When does Accessible Resources (OAuth2 3LO) return an empty list

I’ve faced out the same problem as reported in Accessible Resources returns an empty list (Oauth2 3LO) : I always got empty list. I’ve tried to add some permissions (classic scope) like Manage project settings or other, authorize it via authorization URL and call api again. One entry appears. When I call api again without any changes in permissions - empty list appears.
Why it’s so strange behavior? Did I missed something? I just need the site cloudid.

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You wrote:

So, do I have this right?

  1. You use the GET accessible-resources with a valid access token. Result: empty list.
  2. You rerun the authorization flow, obtain an access token, and rerun GET accessible-resources. Result: one site.
  3. You request GET accessible-resources later. Result: empty list.

That sounds like the access token is timing out. On my latest request, the expires_in is 3600 seconds, or 1 hour.

Yes, you right.
But all steps takes about 10 minutes and I’ve generated access token about a few minutes before steps execution. I think one hour enough for this steps to execute :slight_smile:.
One thing I did differently: I need to exchange authorization code to access token as described in documentation, but I get access token with https://api.atlassian.com/oauth/token and grant_type: client_credentials instead.