Accuracy and latency of the "Licenses" report

Not sure if this should be a help desk ticket, but let me try it here first.

We have recently started a marketing campaign and have got 12 ‘click try button’ event logged in Google Analytics between 22nd Nov ~ 28 Nov. However, from the “Licenses” report, only 1 new License appeared with type as “Evaluation”.

Have I misunderstood anything? Is this an accuracy issue or latency issue?

Are you a Cloud app? If so it could be as easy as the very-many points that the user has to click through from the marketplace until the app is installed on the cloud instance. A 90% drop out rate doesn’t seem too surprising to me with the current path.

Thank you @danielwester,

Yes, it is a Cloud App. As long as the report is accurate and with minimum latency, we can do whatever we need to do to improve it. However, to be honest, I feel that is not true as we can see some new traffic from new clients.

It would be great if someone from within Atlassian can give us a clearer explanation.

We can’t trust these reports. The only source of data you can trust for Cloud app is your own backend and requests log.