Action Required: Update your app to use in place of

As we announced in Deprecation notice - OAuth 2.0 endpoint for URL is changing, Atlassian will be removing support for the domain name used to access the service which creates access tokens for user impersonation.

We note that a number of apps are still using this deprecated domain name to access this service. If you are using ACT_AS_USER impersonation in your app, please update your app to access the service at Failure to do so will cause your apps to be unable to create an access token.


In our ACE backend we use this pattern:

const httpClient = addon.httpClient(req);
const accountId = req.body.userAccount;
                url: '/rest/api/3/expression/eval', ...

is this approach affected?

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As long as you are on a recent version of ACE, it will be using the updated URL. If you remain on an old version it may still be going to the old URL.


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