June Community Welcome and Updates

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is here and if we haven’t already, we’re thawing out from that long winter. It’s getting longer every year right? The last snowfall for me was May 1st!

Hello new Developer Community members!

Hello new Developer Community members! 374 stalwart developers signed up in May. If you’re new, feel free to reply to this topic and introduce yourself. We’d love to hear about who you are what you’re working on.

Top Contributors

The Developer Community is only as good as the folks posting new topics and answering questions. So let us take a second to recognize the individuals on here helping answer questions and contributing to conversations.

The following folks were the top first repliers last month:

@remie 15

@Taylan 5

@david2 4

@m.herrmann 4

@DaveLiao 3

And we want to give a nod to those Atlassians who hopped on and partook in conversations. Shout out to the following top topic first repliers from Atlassian:

@jrichards 5

@nhur 5

@HeyJoe 3

@kkercz 3

And a nod to the Developer Experience team members doing the same:

@dmorrow 22

@rwhitbeck 17

@bentley 16

@ibuchanan 14

@mpaisley 6

@ccurti 5

Top Topics

And now for the :hot_pepper: and :sparkles:. We’ve had an amazing 884 topics posted in May. A lot of good things to read. Here are some of the most viewed topics and most liked public posts from May.

Most Liked

25 A peek into Marketplace's new app listing page

14 Atlaskit, who is on the avatar of the npm user?

11 Action Required: Update your app to use oauth-2-authorization-server.services.atlassian.com in place of auth.atlassian.io

10 How to handle slow REST calls in Forge (10 seconds limit)

Most viewed

314 A peek into Marketplace's new app listing page

119 Request for feedback: Jira/Confluence Cloud sandbox capabilities

109 How automated app migrations will be released to customers

102 Discussion: Connect and Forge together


Everyone that was mentioned in this post or who started a most liked/viewed thread has been awarded the coveted May 2021 Community Recognition Badge. Who will earn it next month? Will it be you?!?!


We got monthly badges here on the Developer Community now??? Maybe I should start posting again :thinking:


Didn’t know about the monthly badges - but you just got a “first response” point towards next month :grin: