How automated app migrations will be released to customers

Today marks the EAP launch of app migrations support in the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. This is a follow up to the March 17th 2021 EAP release of app migrations in the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

This post outlines the rollout in more detail to give you more specifics on what customers will see during and after EAP, and updated timelines for Marketplace Partners building automated migration paths.

The Early Access Program for Jira and Confluence App Migrations are now underway

Participation in the Early Access Program requires a user to signup and accept the following terms,

This is captured in the signup step, as will be explained below.

App migrations EAP - steps to participate

All users (Atlassian Customers, Marketplace Partners and Solution Partners included) who are interested in participating can get involved as follows:

  1. Signup at - note that this form will capture your requirements across a broad range of Cloud migration requirements and so we will also notify you of any future EAPs that are relevant. IMPORTANT NOTE to app developers participating in EAP - we recommend temporarily advertising the signup link from within your automated migration path documentation to ensure customers are able to join the program and get access to the features. Once we leave EAP, the link can be removed as signup will no longer be required.
  2. Atlassian will create a Support ticket for each signed up user on - The ticket will have the key MOVE-<ticket#>. If you did / do not get a MOVE ticket, or can’t find it, please leave us a comment below and we’ll get in touch with your ticket.
  3. When the EAP is ready, instructions will be delivered as a comment via each participant’s MOVE ticket - this will typically be,
  4. A link to documentation on how to run an app migration
  5. A reminder to update JCMA or CCMA to the latest version to get the feature
  6. Instructions on how to activate the feature by setting a feature flag in the Jira or Confluence Server / DC admin UI.
  7. For further help and feedback please comment on your MOVE ticket - the Atlassian Cloud Migrations Platform team will be monitoring the tickets and responding to your questions and if need reach out for details.

The Early Access Program is about gathering early feedback with 50-100 customers who are using a working copy of the software with their own (real) data. We are seeking validation that users understand how to carry out app migrations using the features we’ve built, and that app migrations can be successfully carried out automatically with little to no support intervention.

Once we complete the Early Access Program, we will then proceed to Public Beta releases

Following the Early Access Program, the next milestone is what we will refer to as Public Beta. The most significant difference will be that app migrations functionality will be made available by default to all customers. In practise, this means that manual feature flag activations will no longer be required.

In the Public Beta release, you can expect the following:

  • Usability improvements - based on participant feedback and data collected in research before and during practical runs during the Early Access Program
  • More apps with automated migration support - You can view the overall number of apps that support automated migration paths in JCMA and CCMA by reviewing this dashboard. For each of the gadgets you can find links to see what apps are To Do / In Progress / Done. To get an easy view of which apps are supported on your Jira or Confluence Server / DC setup, simply use the built-in app assessment feature to see whether your app(s) have migration paths and also for links to documentation provided by the app developers
  • For Marketplace Partner development teams, Public Beta will feature general availability - Customers will no longer need to signup to EAP terms and interact via MOVE tickets. The functionality to carry out an app migration will be enabled by default for apps that have built and integrated their automated migration path functionality with JCMA and CCMA. We are still keeping this as a “Beta” milestone as we recognise there will still be apps coming onto the market for the first time with newly minted automated migration paths and want them to be able to also enjoy a period of expectation setting with customers that these migration apps and services are still under “Beta” development
  • For Marketplace Partners Support teams , when you get an inbound support request about how to run app migrations, you can simply direct the customer to be sure to mark your app as “needed in Cloud” in JCMA / CCMA and install the latest build of your app in their Cloud site. The migration will then automatically take place as per your implementation.
  • If all goes to plan, you won’t get support tickets - your automated app migration will be “advertised” to customers in the app assessment feature, and customers who go on to mark your apps as “needed in cloud” will bring your app and any data to Cloud with little effort.

Our current guidance for the App Migrations Public Beta releases are as follows:

  • August 2021 for the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant
  • September 2021 for the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

The milestone following Public Beta will be GA

As per our public roadmap, app migrations is targeting GA for a Q4 2021. To have a smooth journey to Cloud, customers with multiple apps are going to need a majority of their apps supporting an automated migration path and so the significance of the GA milestone will be about having a critical mass of automated app migration support, such that we can now more widely promote app migrations.

It will certainly be a case of, the more the merrier!

If you are an app developer and reading about app migrations for the first time, please check out our getting started guide to building your own automated app migration path for your app and if you need help, you please reach out by submitting an App migration support ticket here .

For Marketplace Partners currently building automated migration paths

Great news with the follow Jira APIs having recently been released

The following Additional migration APIs are on track to be released sometime in May 2021 (please refer to the ticket to confirm whether the API has been released)

Jira Migration APIs

Confluence Migrations APIs

Below are some steps Marketplace Partners can take to support customers:

If you have any further questions or ideas, please leave us a comment below!


I submitted a request for access to the EAP, but don’t seem to be able to see a MOVE ticket.

Same as @ChrisCrowther I too submitted a request for access to the EAP 3 days ago, but see no MOVE ticket.

Hi @ChrisCrowther - just letting you know I’ve created an EAP ticket (MOVE-25200) with your email! Please let me know if you haven’t seen it.

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Hi @ThomasGavin - you should have a MOVE ticket with instructions on how to enable the app migrations feature (MOVE-25223). Let me know if you aren’t able to see it!

Thanks Dylan. Ticket has arrived and I have enabled the dark feature. Will app migration still work even if I am logged in with another account and not the one I used when signing up for the EAP?

Hi @ThomasGavin, The migration will work with any user :slight_smile:

Hi, I submitted a request for access to the EAP. Can’t find MOVE ticket.

Hi, I’ve applied for EAP as we want to test some App migration that is now blocking us from migrating. So far I have not received a MOVE ticket. We don’t want to wait for the Public Beta.

Hi @OliverWerner - We’ve opened MOVE-27130 for you!

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Hi @ValtteriKurkela - I can’t find your name anywhere. I’ve sent you a private message to confirm your email. Cheers :slight_smile:

@dtoohey I submitted a request for access to the EAP, but don’t see a MOVE ticket, please support.

I had applied to be part of EAP twice but haven’t received any notification about a MOVE- ticket. Help!
cc: @Utkarshagarwal

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Hi. Same issue for needing EAP with no MOVE ticket. Thanks.