Add-on user permissions problem

Today we had a problem when a Confluence instance installed our add-on.

During install and during all subsequent requests the add-on got 403 responses on the calls to Confluence.

It turned out that our customer used non-standard groups to define product access, and our add-on user was not added to such a group by default.

However this was really hard to debug, because in the user admin screen, our add-on user was not visible.
In the end Atlassian support had to resolve the issue.

Is it possible (for a vendor) to see in which groups an add-on is installed, and to check if an add-on actually has product access?


We have had this at Easy Agile too. I think it may be older instances?

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Thanks for the pointer. Not sure if the instance is old or not.

We had the same issue with one customer. Brand new jira installation, some small customizations with product access groups and it resulted with our connect app user with no product access.
Support investigated and said that it cant happen ever again, but seems like it was no one-timer!
If users cannot manage in Jira atlassian-addons-admin group at all, then how can it happen that this group was removed from product access?!?!
I suspect somesort of bug on Atlassian side, when the user changes something in product access groups, then also he hidden groups are somehow modified.

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