Adding groupId to audit logs

What is changing?

Confluence Cloud is updating the display data of Groups in the Audit Log UI within Settings to now also show the groupId along with the groupName.

With this UI change we are also updating the Audit Log REST endpoint to return the group in the same format of <groupName>:<groupId>. Here’s what an example audit log response will look like:

      "author": {
        "type": "user",
        "displayName": "System",
        "operations": null,
        "isExternalCollaborator": false,
        "userKey": "",
        "accountType": "",
        "publicName": "Unknown user",
        "externalCollaborator": false
      "remoteAddress": "",
      "creationDate": 1613081634793,
      "summary": "Group created",
      "description": "",
      "category": "Users and groups",
      "sysAdmin": false,
      "superAdmin": false,
      "affectedObject": {
->      "name": "test2:00b99766-71f2-48f8-ba68-39b8b67946b3",
        "objectType": "Group"
      "changedValues": [],
      "associatedObjects": []

Please note the line with the arrow which now shows the groupName of test2 and the groupId of 00b99766-71f2-48f8-ba68-39b8b67946b3 Before it would have just shown the groupName of test2.

This change is planned to be pushed out shortly.

Why is it changing?

Confluence Cloud is introducing groupId everywhere that groups are referenced instead of groupName. This effort is being done to allow us to work on a new upcoming feature of Confluence Cloud. See our previous changes around this effort.

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Thanks for letting us know @jjohn sounds reasonable! Such a bummer though that none of the audit log REST endpoints can be used by apps. Would for sure love to write into the audit log whenever an admin changes a crucial setting in our app.


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