ADG 3 rollout plan & web fragment removals

There have been a number of questions lately about the rollout plan for ADG 3 on Confluence Cloud, so it seems like a good time to provide an update on these (in an open category as well).

ADG 3 on Confluence Cloud
Currently, customer sites with add-ons installed are excluded from ADG 3 targeting. Additionally, if a customer with ADG 3 enabled installs an add-on, they are reverted to the previous user experience. Information relating to this fallback mode is outlined here.

This exclusion will not be removed prior to Summit and AtlasCamp (i.e. before 5 May). After that time, and once we have resolved all blocker and major issues relating to add-ons and ADG 3, we will commence the progressive rollout of the new UI to all customers, including those with add-ons installed. Our aim at this stage is to complete the rollout of ADG 3 by the end of May.

Web Fragment Removals
We will be moving and removing some of the existing Confluence Cloud web fragments. These changes are as follows:

Location move:

  • system.header.left (moving from global navigation to new dashboard sidebar)

Location removal:

  • system.header/
  • system.header.right
  • system.header/right/panels
  • system.header/spaces-menu
  • system.browse

Issues? Feedback?
Please contact me or alternatively, create a CE issue, and attach the “Navigation - Single Page App” component to it:


Hello, does the atl.footer location work yet?

Hi David, this is something we’re discussing at the moment. You can track the status of atl.footer in ADG 3 on this ticket:

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Thanks @kwestwalker. Is it possible to open that issue up to be visible to the world? I can’t access it.

I can’t access it either. I’m keen to follow it too if we can.

You should be able to access the issue now. Let me know if not :slight_smile:

is there a way to test if jira cloud plugins will still work when ADG 3 is not deactived for instanced with 3rd party plugins?

Hi @j.kisters - I’d recommend posting questions about JIRA cloud add-ons against the JIRA ADG3 topic here: New JIRA experience for your Cloud add-ons

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A further update to this post, in relation to the ADG 3 rollout:

We have now resolved most of the blocker and majority issues relating to the add-ons and ADG 3 on Confluence Cloud. Subsequently, we’re starting to whitelist add-ons from the ADG 3 exclusion rule described in the initial post.

This means that customers with only the whitelisted add-ons could potentially have ADG 3 enabled on their instance (N.B. the rollout of ADG 3 to customer is progressive, so it will be a number of weeks before we’ve reached 100% of customers).

An update on the ADG3 rollout plan: completion has been pushed out to the end of July (i.e. enabled for 100% of Confluence Cloud customers).

We recently had our Confluence ADG3 test instance rolled back and is no longer ADG3 enabled. Unfortunately it wasn’t noticed until today so I’m not sure how long it had been that way. We only noticed it once our tests started failing.
How do we get it back and how did it get rolled back to begin with?


Hi @jeff - can you tell me which instance this was? The one opted in via the vendor program ( appears to have ADG3 enabled.

The instance is It appears when you click Home it has the ADG3 look. However, clicking into Confluence then it reverts. Previously it was ADG3 as well.

We also have and it appears to be fine.


Ok, thanks Jeff. The behaviour on bobswift23 is very odd - I’ll flag this with the team working on the design upgrades and get them to take a look.

@jeff - one question… we’re wondering if an individual user has opted out for ADG3, and that this is resulting in the behaviour you described. Not sure if you’re seeing the problem, or if it’s someone else, but whoever is seeing it, can they click their profile menu and click the option to opt back in?


Thanks for following up. We typically only have a single test user that accesses this instance on a regular basis so if it did happen that would be unusual. I signed on as 2 different users and both were non-adg3. I know for sure that second user didn’t change any settings.

I don’t have the option to opt in or out on the profile menu for either user in bobswift23. I looked while in both JIRA and Confluence as described here, Introducing the new JIRA experience. I also looked around at all the other settings and didn’t find anything. I do have the option in bobswift21 and bobswift14beta.

Thanks again!

Hi @jeff - we’ve reconfigured some of the targeting for Can you let me know if it now has ADG3 enabled?

Yes, it is enabled. I got the message “Say hi to the new Confluence experience” upon logging in. Thanks for taking care of this!