New JIRA experience for your Cloud add-ons

We’re building improvements to the look and feel and navigation of JIRA Cloud. Recently, we’ve started enrolling some customer sites, currently customers that only have JIRA Core with no installed add-ons, into an early preview of the new experience. This rollout will continue over the next few months to all customers (JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk). We’ve prepared a guide where you can learn more about the new JIRA experience: Also make note of the “Add-on specific changes” and “Known issues” at the end of this announcement.

This is an exciting change and we want to make sure that developers like you are kept informed and involved. To help you prepare, we would like to enable the early preview of the new JIRA experience on a site of your choice. Just fill out the following form:

Once it’s enabled, try it out and let us know what you think. We also encourage you to use this early preview to make any necessary changes to your add-on(s), as early as possible. To give us feedback about the new experience, use the Give feedback in your profile menu in JIRA.

Specific changes that may affect your add-on

One of our goals when building the new JIRA experience was to minimize the impact on existing add-ons. However, there are a few deprecated locations for modules as described below.

The major difference you’ll notice in the new JIRA experience is the new product sidebar. If your add-ons have menu items in the JIRA header today, they will now be rendered in the sidebar. The deprecated locations related to this change are listed below:

Known issues

Currently, there is these known issues that we will be resolving:

  • Logo and color customization settings do not work.
  • JIRA Software has known issues regarding navigation and boards.

Thanks for making this available. Two things.

  1. I would like to have this enabled on multiple instances, but I can only submit the form once
  2. Where do we raise bugs? I can’t find a public tracker (I would like to raise a bug about the side bar failing to collapse in the add-ons section of the JIRA Admin UI)

I signed up for my instance a week ago now and it hasn’t been enabled yet. Is that normal or just Summit getting in the way?



Hi @jmort,

  1. I’ve unlocked the google form to allow multiple form submits from a single google account. Feel free to submit requests to enable multiple instances.
  2. Right now the best way to raise bugs is to use the in-app feedback. If you see something you feel is critical, please feel free to send me an email anytime at :slight_smile: (Also, that bug is a known issue and we’re investigating possible solutions).
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Hey @edave,

Sorry you haven’t had your instance enabled yet, we’ll follow up on this for yourself and everyone else who has signed up over the last week.
It’s a manual process for our developers so please give us a little bit more time to get everything switched on. :slight_smile:

Thanks @kewilliams I’ve applied for my dev instance to be updated.

I’ll use the feedback if I find anything else, but a public bug tracker would help filter out the known issues.

Hello, is it also possible to enable the new experience for a cloud instance with 3rd party plugins?
We’d like to know when we can test if your plugin works with the new UI.

Hi @j.kisters, do you mean a P2 plugin? It’s not possible to install third-party P2 plugins in JIRA Cloud instances, but it’s a null point because we don’t currently have firm plans for if/when the new JIRA UI will be coming to JIRA Server.

If you are referring to an Atlassian Connect add-on, simply fill out the form in the original post and it will be enabled, and then you can install your add-on yourself.

Hi Dave, thanks!

I was thinking of a Atlassian Connect add-on.

@llu where can we find the Deprecation Notice for the home_link/* and find_link/* locations, or is this post it?

They appear to be removed in the new UI, not deprecated, so what should we be using instead?

@kewilliams +1 for a public bug tracker like the rest of the Atlassian software - its invaluable to see what others have already reporter and to track progress on those issues.

@jbevan We’ve created a new component in the ACJIRA project “New JIRA UI” to publicly track bugs/improvements that we are working on:"New%20JIRA%20UI"


I just got this enabled on my site and the on boarding UI indicates that users (or instances? not sure which) will have the option to opt out of this. Is there a plan to run two UIs in parallel for some period of time? What does this mean for us in terms of testing environments? Can we switch back and forth between the two in some quick way? What kind of end user facing documentation can we expect for the transition?

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Hi @boris,

Yes, there will be a per-user opt-in/opt-out for some time as we continue to rollout the new UI and address feedback. The new UI can be disabled from the user profile menu (located in the bottom left corner of the new UI) and re-enabled from the same user profile menu (which is in the top right corner of the old UI).

Once your testing environment has had the new experience enabled, you can toggle it on and off on a per-user basis.

There is end-user facing documentation here:

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Hi @dmeyer,

How do we identify whether a user has opted in to the new UI, so we can serve the appropriate version of our add-on? Thanks in advance for your help.


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@ElementML we do not plan to expose a way for you to check whether the new UI has been enabled. The number of developers who indicated to us that they planned to support multiple versions of their add-on front end was low enough, and the period of time where users could be using etiehr the old UI or the new UI was short enough, that we could not justify the invest to expose this in requests from host products to add-ons.

I recommend that you use context parameters to manage per-user opt-in or opt-out of your add-ons UI versions on your own.

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Hey, its been 9 days after i submitted the request and i havent heard anything yet.
Does it currently take longer to switch the instances to the new experience?

Hey @j.kisters,

It looks like we opted you into ADG3 JIRA a week ago. Can you email me on and we can troubleshoot this?


Hi Kerrod,

oh i see, it has the new experience.
i was expecting to get an email when it was activated.


Hi Dave,

Can you give us an insight into the timeframe of the new UI rollout? I notice that on the migration page it says only some JIRA Core users have the new UI at the moment.

When is ADG3 support for JIRA Software going to be rolled out?

I’m very reluctant to a) build and b) deploy a new version of our add-on using ADG3 while our customers are still on the ADG2 UI in their JIRA instance as it will provide an inconsistent/confusing user experience, plus some of the changes to locations described above are not backwards compatible with ADG2.

How can we tell (using context parameters or some other mechanism) whether the new UI is rolled out for a given instance?

How can we support the necessary changes required to the JIRA descriptor (for deprecated/removed locations) while ADG3 is being rolled out?