New JIRA experience for your Cloud add-ons



Can’t remember where I have read it but I think is mid or end of June. Also waiting for an “Official Answer” on this.

@dmeyer, can you tell us when all Cloud users will be switched to the “New JIRA Experience”?


Hi all,

Following up on roll out questions…

We have begun rolling out the new UI to a small number of JIRA Core, Software and Service Desk customers. We have excluded customers with add-ons installed from these rollout instances until we have given the ecosystem an opportunity to fix any major issues that may obstruct this new experience. Please note that while these instances currently have no add-ons, they are still free to install them if they wish.

We will post on this forum prior to rolling out to these customers, and again once we have done so. We expect our rollout to continue over the coming months, but we do not have a definitive date for rollout completion at this stage.

If you identify any add-on related issues with JIRA’s new experience, please submit a bug in the ACJIRA public bug tracker and include ‘New JIRA UI’ in the component field.

Please let me know if there are any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer.



Thank you for the explanation Kerrod.

Please note that while these instances currently have no add-ons, they are still free to install them if they wish.

Does this mean that when these users install an add-on, they are not reverted back to the old UI (in contrary to the Confluence roll-out)?

Rolling out the new JIRA experience to your Cloud add-on customers

Correct, they do not lose the new UI if they install an add-on. We aim to resolve any issues blocking add-on customers from rolling out before this becomes an issue.


Hi everyone, how can I activate a Developer Cloud instance with the new ADG3 design? We need to test how the look and feel impact with our add-ons.

We know that some of our clients already have, they have given feedback but we are not able to test it, even creating a new instance, it has the old design.



Try filling this form, that’s how i got my instances requested for new design


Awsome thanks @alexter_pr!


Hi everyone,

Will the new UI be mandatory in the future for all clients or will they be able to choose between old and new “forever”?

We are trying to avoid support both UIs. At some point, we would like to release the add-on just for the new UI.



Hi @bruno.conde - thanks for your question; the new JIRA experience will be the future UI for all customers. We would also like to get to the point in time where we are no longer supporting both UIs. :slight_smile: Big changes take time though and we are in the early stages of rolling out with an opt-in experience. We will provide updates here in Community as our rollout progresses.


Hi @mappleton,

Thank you for the clarification.



Hi, I filled the form more than a month ago and I have received no answer, neither the instance has changed. We need to test the add-ons with the new design. How can I proceed?


Hi @david.garcia,

Sorry about that - can you please PM me your instance names and I’ll get this sorted for you.



Hi @kewilliams,

When is the ADG roll out going to be complete ?



We’re planning to make ADG3 100% available by early to mid September. Customers will still be able to use ADG2 if they choose, but we’ll look to turning this off over the following couple of months


Question to Atlassian staff.
There is comment from @dmeyer dated May 9:

… but it’s a null point because we don’t currently have firm plans for if/when the new JIRA UI will be coming to JIRA Server.

Want to know if you clarified your plans concerning new UI under JIRA Server.
Currently we have common code and hence common UI for addons that are simultaneously targeted on JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server. So switching UI under JIRA Cloud and do not switching it under JIRA Server means that we will need to support 2 UI for our add-ons.


I’m not staff, but I asked the question of several Atlassians at the Barcelona summit (and I’ll be asking again next week to confirm). There are no plans to implement the new UI on server in the near future.

They were all saying that they are not expecting any movement on the new UI for server before the next US summit in 2019. It could, of course, change, but don’t bet on that happening.


Hi there, I requested access through the form during the connect week at austin, but I never got it enabled in my instance. I have just re-submitted the form, could you confirm you have my data? The email I registered with was naiara [at] in both cases.



The Websection “system.user.options” in the new UX disappears? Anyone knows the equivalence in the new Jira UX??


Hi @raulpelaez,

This looks like a bug. Can you report it in the ACJIRA project on with the “New Jira UI” component?



Thanks super Dave! Best regards! Hope you fine