The new JIRA experience: Request for feedback

Hi all,

It’s been four months since we announced the new UI experience for JIRA Cloud customers and many of you have already signed up and tested your add-ons through our early preview.

We would love to hear feedback on the impact the changes have had your add-on and how we can improve our communication for other significant changes in JIRA’s future.

We’ve create a survey to capture these thoughts. You can access this here.

Kerrod and the JIRA team

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Filter Availability on Boards
The look and UI changes for JIRA are nice, but seriously disrupt some of the convenience of the current version. Specifically, managing large boards have lost a great deal of speed.

For example, our Unified SW board is used to coordinate work across several teams, many working on multiple projects. Our current board is set up with all the relevant filters at the top of the screen allowing us to quickly reorganize views as we move from team-to-team

The new design appears to abandon this ability to view all filters simultaneously. Instead, it forces us to search for all the filters individually.

We built these complex filters in advance specifically to avoid any need to ‘search’ for anything. We have it all at our fingertips, right now. This new design will abandon this ease of use for us.
I hope this is just an oversight in not understanding the new UI, and have completely missed the ability to still see all filters simultaneously.

Where is the “Boards” link?
The new UI doesn’t appear to have a 'Boards" link? The only way to find the previously mentioned Unified SW board (which encompasses all projects) is to go to the widget for the current sprint remaining and select it from there. Since this board isn’t linked to a specific project, it doesn’t have a project link to appear under.

Hopefully, these are all temporary issues that will be addressed.


Hi @dromard,

Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the quick filters on boards, this is in line with similar feedback we’ve heard from other customers. While the new QFs dropdown are consistent with how we would like to display refinement options across Jira (and Atlassian products all together), it has lost the ‘quick’ for some teams. We’re currently investigating how we can improve this experience without contradicting our mission on consistent design across our products.

The boards link has been removed now as all projects live under a project or a user. You can logically navigate to any board by going to their location, or through search (it should appear as a recent board if you’ve used it recently - hit ‘/’ to easily open the search drawer).
This change in our information architecture has also been met with some contention among our customers and we’re actively addressing it now in our teams.

Thanks again for your feedback and please don’t hesitate to reach out with more feedback/questions.


Hi Kerrod,

Just wanted to add my +1 for the previous feedback from @dromard. I’m a consultant that deploys and manages Jira for my clients, and both issues raised are significant problems for all of them (~15 Jira instance at this point).

In particular, the decision to attach boards to projects is a massive loss for my clients. These are services businesses that use the convention of 1 Jira project = 1 customer, and leverage “global” boards that are aligned to individual service delivery teams that each operate on Scrum or Kanban. Each team serves anywhere from 5-20 clients, and each team has a single board that aggregates the Epics and Stories from their respective customer projects. Before, it was very easy for team members to locate their board. Now, they have to dig around in their user profile, which is extremely unintuitive. As a workaround, I’ve been creating “meta projects” as a home for the board – these projects have no issues of their own, they simply aid in discoverability of the boards by Jira users. Better, but certainly not ideal. Does Atlassian not have engineering or support teams that work across multiple projects?

The other board-related problem I’ve faced is that it doesn’t seem possible anymore to copy an existing board (at least, it’s not available in the board actions menu, and there’s no longer a master board list). This is problematic because when we spin up a new team, we want the board (columns, card layout, issue detail view, etc.) to be identical to the other teams in the business. I used to be able to give my clients a template board to simply copy; now they have to create a new board and point and click through all the settings in one window while eyeballing the template board in another. Very tedious and error prone.

Anyway, I hope you find this feedback helpful. Happy to jump on a call to talk through my concerns in more detail if you’re interested, just DM me.


Hi @ElementML,

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback. I’d love to sit down and have a one on one chat with you soon.

I’ll PM you directly.


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