More than 50% of active Jira Cloud users are on the new Jira experience

Over the past 10 months since announcing the new Jira Cloud experience to our developer community, the team has been listening to feedback and working hard on improving the new UI for all users.

We’re pleased to announce that more than 50% of all active users on Jira Cloud are using the new Jira experience.

I understand that many app developers were waiting for this milestone before rolling out to the new design guidelines recommended by Atlassian. We expect more than 80% of active users to be on the new experience by mid-March 2018.

Please remember that if you have encountered any new issues with your app in the new Jira experience, please submit an issue to ACJIRA and include the “New JIRA UI” component.


And out of the 50% what is the satisfaction rate with the new UI?

I consider myself as a hardcore Jira user but way too often find myself lost while trying to do simple things in the new UI. Maybe I’m too old to adjust :slight_smile:


I got the impression from Atlassian that their UX research showed that the old UI was hard to navigate particularly for new users and the new UI is designed to address that. However, it does feel like the “power users” were somewhat forgotten in the process… the new design looks good but is significantly less usable IMO.