All issue content panels become collapsed after the add-on reinstall


I noticed a strange behavior which might be a bug. After an add-on reinstall all previously opened issue content panels become collapsed. It is quite critical because user don’t have any indicators that an issue have something attached to it.

Hi @nnmatveev, you bring up a great point!

We are looking into the best way to support this. Our current approach will be to retroactively apply ‘show issue content panel’ for all issues created before we turned on the new ecosystem support for that instance.

Then ideally, the new issues would begin with the new patterns.



There is also an usability problem here - you don’t know that there is something attached to the issue (via issue content module) until you click the correspondent quick add button.

Ideally (IMHO) developers should be able to expand the section programmatically. There is a related topic about this from me - Feature suggestion: Allow developers to indicate that an issue contains non empty issue content panel

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Hi @nnmatveev, thanks for the feedback. I can give an update on this. We will be able to retroactively show all issue content / webPanels - left.context for issues created before the ecosystem support is turned on for that particular customer.

All issues after that will follow the new design pattern that require a user to add content to an issue.

For your suggestion around expanding the section programmatically, we will not building that capability at this time. You can read more about our design pattern decisions around this here:

A big customer pain point was seeing a bunch of empty web panels that were not relevant. And specifically for content items, user just need to click the button once and it will be made available on that issue for all subsequent views by anyone.

If you want to show something that is always visible and can be programmatically added, we recommend you use a glance item and update the glance status property so that it is real time (i.e. # of support tickets, tweets, etc.).

I hope that helps clarify our stance on this.

Lastly, I just want to point out that we will be listening to customer feedback, marketplace partner feedback, our analytics, follow up interviews, and many other channels to help identify areas of improvement for the ecosystem on the new issue view. We will continue to iterate on this.




Would you mind checking and commenting on the related question about showing the content panel: Can vendors hide and the web panel opened by a quick-add button?