Feature suggestion: Allow developers to indicate that an issue contains non empty issue content panel


I would like to be able to indicate (via JS API) that an issue content panel contains some content so it will be impossible to hide it. And the opposite - to indicate that the panel is empty and to force hiding it.

We have several add-ons which help to attach files from cloud storage providers. We’ve implemented a panel that shows the list of attached files and “Attach” action. There is no sense to show this panel when no files attached and we would like to always show it when there is at least one file attached.

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You should be able to do this with property conditions on the content panel: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/software/conditions/

When you upload an attachment to an issue then set an entity property on that issue. Then use the equal to or exists property condition to hide or show the panel.

Hi @nnmatveev,

The most common pattern for this that I’ve seen is to set an issue property on the issue if there is a file attached, and then add a condition to your panel that checks this property.


@rmassaioli, @dmeyer,

there are serious usability problems with the way how new issue view content panel visibility is controlled.
Would you mind looking into the related questions and letting us know your opinion?