Another day, another... euhm... helpful suggestion 😇

Good morning!

I came across this very exciting job opening for “one of the top 3 most important roles” (according to Joff Redfern):

I was a bit surprised that there was no mention of Atlassian Marketplace Partners or the Atlassian Ecosystem in such an important role.

So the suggestion of today would be to encourage Atlassian to add the Atlassian Marketplace Partners and the Atlassian Ecosystem to job openings that should care about them, like the head of product for Confluence


thanks @remie - we’re making the suggestion to the hiring manager.


Hi @remie thanks for noticing my post on Linkedin :slight_smile: Indeed this was an oversight with the job post. My recruiter will be updating the post today to reflect that a key component to Confluence’s success is working with and continuing to develop our Ecosystem and Marketplace Partners. Best, Joff