Anyone noticing DC eval licenses being issued to Russian Federation?

I happened to notice via marketplace dash that some licenses have been issued to the Russian Federation, am really not happy about that, was under the impression Atlassian had exited /blocked such transactions long ago… I logged ECOHELP-34727 to query earlier in the week, no idea when any response may come. The monthly sales CSV doesn’t include country so vendors are not going to notice without specific integrations to monitor via API …

Hi @andy ,

I can see your ticket was automatically replied and closed by a BOT that sent below message:

[…] The contents of this ticket will be moved to an internal team who will review the account. That team will contact the customer to remind them to purchase a license if they are found to be in violation of the policy.

This ticket will also automatically be closed as “tracked elsewhere” and you should not expect an update. […]

I believe this is expected with the kind of request that was chosen for reporting this issue. You may want to create a new ticket by selecting (direct link below): Ukraine Support - Enquiries about the Ukraine Invasion instead.

Direct Link: Jira Service Management

I hope this helps.

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Thanks, have duped the ticket there, issues is also one of DC eval license abuse, has been going on years.

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You are very welcome @andy

Also, just FYI, the SLA for these kind of requests is 7 working days so it might take a few days before you get a reply.


The issue was logged in FEB and that has resulted in no action by Atlassian to address this problem. Since notifying, the RU entity in focus has renewed twice so far …