AP.confluence.getMacroData returns old data

I am using Dynamic Content Macro module with Macro Editor. There is a problem getting data after saving.

AP.confluence.getMacroData method returns old data:

  1. Add a macro with Macro Editor, save data and close
  2. Open the macro editor again, change the data, save and close
  3. When you return to the edit page, AP.confluence.getMacroData returns the old data from step 1

Note: If we open the console and see what data is stored in AP._data.options.productContext, then we will see the new data saved in step 3. But getMacroData returns the old data.

A similar problem with AP.confluence.getMacroBody is described here: AP.confluence.getMacroBody return previous body content on new editor

How to get new data after saving?


Unfortunately, this is what new editor broke for everybody of us, see https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-69962

I have reported this in DEVHELP tickets 12+ months ago for the first time…