App sent for approval permanently being rejected


I’m trying to send a new app for approval but is being rejected all the time. I’ve reviewed it and check that all the required information and beyond has been provided. Despite that, it is still being rejected again and again…

Is there any issue with the overall submission process, so all the apps are being rejected os is this anything related to my ap only?

I’ve created an issue to track this:



Hey @pablo,

Yes your submission is being rejected by our automated bot because it’s not meeting the required standards. I can see you have very limited details on the listing, you need to provide more information on what the app does.

You can see the rejection reason as well as what is required in the comment posted on your submission ticket:


Specifically in this case the main issue is that you have no content in the ‘More Details’ section. I’ll reply further on the the support ticket you’ve linked.



My fault, I confused the Relase notes and the More details boxes. Thanks.