App storage (aka content of Storage API) not included in site backup?

Dear Atlassian,

I just stumbled across issue
The author made a keen observation which I tried and have to concur with:
at the moment, content from the Forge Storage API is not backed up
(if you create a Jira Cloud site backup, for example, the stored values of a test app isn’t included in there)

Can you please elaborate how app storage can be backed up?
Is this feature missing because Storage API is beta or did we miss something?
Or is the idea here that Cloud sites are never backed up or content being moved to another site by the customer anyway and we just shouldn’t worry about it?



Hi @DoItWithASmile,

We have backups for the entire hosted storage for disaster recovery only, however, unfortunately nothing at the app level yet.

App level Backup/restore is in our future roadmap.


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I see. Thanks for the clarification! :+1:

This should go into the Storage API documentation before some customer looses data and a vendor or Atlassian gets the heat & blame.