Application with key [App Addon Key] not found in the app install page

My application was released yesterday, when I try to enter from the link below, I get an error like this.

addon_key: The app server made an invalid request.
Please contact the app vendor for help. Here’s the error we encountered - application with key [App Addon Key] not found.

redirect_uri: Could not resolve descriptor so cannot check redirect_uri against baseUrl

My Uri:[my addon key]&redirect_uri=[first base uri]

If I try to install it from the app page, I can install it without errors.

How can I fix that?

Thank you.


@ibuchanan do you haven an idea about this issue, this is important to me.

Could you help me?



Sorry, I have no idea what might be the problem. From the complex symptoms you describe I doubt you’ll get an answer here. The intersection of Bitbucket, Connect, and Marketplace is very specialized. I recommend you open a developer support request at:

I opened a ticket, thank you.