Applications open for App Week Scottsdale 2020!

Hi everyone!

The next App Week will be January 13-17, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA). The theme is Cloud App Migration & Trust.

This will be a week long event working side by side with Atlassian’s product and engineering teams from Jira Software Cloud, Jira Service Desk Cloud, Confluence Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, and Atlassian Access. By the end of App Week, you’ll form strategies and make progress toward closing critical feature parity gaps between your cloud and server apps, learn potential strategies for migrating customer data from one to the other, and learn best practices for security and reliability that will earn the trust of enterprise customers.

Due to the limited space, this event is by application. The answer to the question “What app or integration will you be working on and how far along are you in the process of developing it?” is what determines whether your application is accepted.

Also, each person from the company interested in attending must apply individually. This is different from prior years when we asked only 1 person per company to apply. Maximum 3 people per company.

Please apply at Get Started: App Week Scottsdale 2020: Cloud App Migration & Trust. Applications will close on December 2, 2019. Everyone will receive an answer to their application by December 9, 2019 at the latest.

We hope to see you in Scottsdale! :cactus:


P.S. We took this conversation to heart. Attendees of this App Week will be welcome to stay at the venue at their regular hotel rates, or find their own accommodations nearby. But there is no pressure one way or the other. :slight_smile:


I want to sign up, but the form has no submit button… :man_facepalming:

Oh, thank goodness: it’s not just me then.

I’ve applied. It’s a developer test @edave, you have to edit the page and add a submit button in <input type="submit" /> :joy:

I just did a test the “Continue” button will show at the bottom once you fill out all the required fields.

Is this what you’re saying isn’t working or is there something else I’m missing?

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The button appears if I enter my real email. If I typo my company domain name the button goes away. Looks like there might be a domain whitelist?

There seems to always be a new problem everytime I’m on a Swoogo site :sweat_smile:

Note: the Continue button will appear after you have entered a valid business email address. Personal domains like gmail, yahoo, etc. will be blocked. If you’re still having trouble, please email


Can you please add to the white list? Thanks.

FYI, it’s working for me now.

Woo hoo! Application submitted!

Could you elaborate on that, @kmorales? Is it oriented towards vendors who are migrating a Server app to the Cloud? What aspect of trust do you refer to?

@david.pinn Yes, in the paragraph that follows it explains. We are looking to help vendors replicate their server apps in cloud, and for those who already have, we’re looking to help them figure out how to migrate customer app data from server to cloud. Best practices in security and reliability are the things we are focusing on vis-à-vis “trust.”

I would like to ask you a question: are you going to record some of the sessions? We are still not sure if we are going to attend and having a backup option (online recorded sessions like for Atlas Camp) would be very interesting.

Thank you

Hi everyone,

We have just finished notifying everyone of their status of their applications. We had 113 applications for 75 invitations. It was a very difficult decision as if it were up to me I’d bring everyone if I could.

If, by chance, you did not receive a notification please let me know (direct message) and I’ll make sure you are aware of your status.