Apply to the private vendor topics here

Make sure you have an account on the Ecosystem Community (that’s this site) before applying!

Apply for access to private vendor topics here

Please provide a link to your vendor account in the submission field. Thank you!

p.s. - you have to be a marketplace vendor to do this - otherwise don’t bother


Please use the link at the top so we have an internal record of everyone who has applied. Thanks

I would like to apply. My vendor account is Atlassian Marketplace

Great. Thanks for your interest but please use the link above so we have a ticket.

Can you please clarify what would be the purpose of having a private vendor topic in this site?
What would be some example of topics that could be discussed in such vendor private topic?

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The main thing is that the general discussion topic will be returned in google search results. The private topics will not. In the event you want to ask business questions or divulge some aspect about your business that you only want to discuss with other vendors there is a place for that. Same with the support topic. It also gives Atlassian another channel to communicate to vendors on issues we might not be ready to publicly announce.

How do I know which topics are private?

They have a padlock icon just before the topic but I guess you will not see them before you are added to the group.

Hi! I’d like to apply. My vendor account is Atlassian Marketplace

@anon87325242 Maybe you use the link in the first post :wink:

Oh, followed the wrong example. Thanks!