Apps delisted well before GDPR deadline

Has this happened to anyone else? Every communication I’ve received from Atlassian listed March 31st as the deadline. See attached email screenshot.

@ryan - Just to clarify this process relates to the update to our Marketplace Vendor Agreement (effecting 31 March 2019) and unrelated to the cloud REST API deprecation notice (currently in effect, originally planned for 29 March 2019 but recently extended to 29 April 2019).

WRT the de-listing process happening before 31 March 2019 there may be some overlap with the work we’re doing for GDPR which is causing some confusion (apologies for that).

Prior to 25 May 2018 we contacted vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace with missing “Data security and privacy statements” in their app listings via email to inform them of the new requirement for Server Apps. This was a requirement for cloud apps prior to that notification.

In December 2019 we introduced a new field called “App stores personal data” and announced via the community and via email that this was a required field for all apps (with an additional requirement for cloud apps storing personal data to implement the personal data reporting API). The community post also included notice of the changes to the Marketplace Vendor Terms which introduced additional requirements for privacy policy and customer terms / EULA.

The de-listings to date should have been for the requirements already in effect (privacy policy and storing PD). If your app was de-listed and you contacted Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Support to have your app listing unhidden we may have informed you about the requirement for EULA / customer terms to prevent future de-listing per this requirement.

Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate the quick response. I obviously got confused by the various deadlines and requirements. It would have been really helpful if all of the deadlines for delisting were consolidated into a single date with consistent messaging. For example, every email about de-listing deadlines saying the same thing like “you need to do x, y, and z before date epsilon if you don’t want your app de-listed”.

What worries me is most marketplace support tickets take months to resolve. Here’s hoping my apps will be unhidden before summer…

@ryan - Thanks for the feedback. I agree our comms could have been clearer. Sorry for the confusion. Wrt resolution times on Marketplace Vendor Support tickets, we target resolving issues much faster than that - however, you are correct sometimes these tickets take a long time to resolve. These types of issues (re-listing) are admittedly simpler than some of the other issues that go to the Marketplace Support team so they shouldn’t take months to resolve.

To help speed up processing, Atlassian Marketplace vendors requesting support to unhide their apps can review their apps per the instructions provided in @jgaard’s initial response and proactively updating their app listing to make sure all the required fields are complete. Once complete you can comment on the ticket to let us know that the fields have been updated and you’re ready to unhide. We’ll do a final check and then can unhide your app.