Are employees supposed to be part of the Partner portal / section in CDAC?


As a founder, I have access to the Marketplace Partners section in CDAC, as well as the Partner portal.

I would rather be able to delegate and my employees to also have access. Is this allowed? How can I manage the list of people who currently have access, i.e. grant access to managers, remove access to employees who leave?

Thank you


Hi @aragot
For access to the Marketplace thread on CDAC, each individual has to request access from the Marketplace Support team via a ticket. Standard procedure.

For access to Partner Portal: this ‘should’ be automatic now.
If your new employees register an Atlassian account with their company email - our system detects the domain of that email and matches it to your partner account and gives automagic access.


Hi Miro,
Where is this company email registered? We are transitioning from to, where can we configure that?
Thank you.

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@aragot You can update your details on your Marketplace partner account at any time as long as your are an admin. Right now, a couple of our systems are not fully integrated to recognize the change automatically, but I can whitelist your new domain so that your Partner Portal access will be granted. Let me know when you’ve made the change to your account.