Are free plugins counted in allotting Atlassian Verified badge?

We have a plugin that is listed in the Marketplace. I have seen some “Atlassian Verified” badge on some vendors’ name. After some digging I could find some conditions that enable vendors to get that badge. One of the conditions is - number of installs should be 500+. I wanted to know if this includes the downloads of a free plugin?

I’m afraid only ‘Paid via Atlassian’ apps and not free apps count towards the 500 installation condition

At least 500 actively used product instances must report installation of your paid via Atlassian app versions. This is measured by the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), which reports actively used host products (like Jira or Confluence) that have your apps installed.


I really hate that metric… it really does not add any value to the program (if the program was really geared toward rewarding excellence in customer experience/support)