Atlaskit / Wikimarkup Transformer not working properly for code snippest


I am using WikiMarkupTransformer from @atlaskit/editor-wikimarkup-transformer for converting string data into Node Type which actually required for atlaskit core editor.

This WikiMarkupTransformer parse method does not work properly for code snippest , Its convert our some language into default language (JAVA) for more details see attached screenshot.

Has anyone managed to get this to work?

Hi @PoonamGokani,

Would you mind posting this question in Atlassian Ecosystem Design - The Atlassian Developer Community please. To make it clearer, would you list the steps to reproduce the problem and the expected vs actual behaviours.


Hi @dmorrow

Thanks for your reply, as per your instruction I have posted this question on link provided by you, my question link is:

There are not major steps required, we can reproduce it on example provided in Atlaskit itself.

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Thanks @PoonamGokani, I’ll try to find someone who can respond there.