Atlassian Connect 1.2 (beta)

Does anybody have an update on the release of Atlassian Connect 1.2?

I believe that some development instances of JIRA Cloud have been moved over to 1.2, and there is documentation at, which I assume relates to 1.2.

My use of the new features of 1.2 will depend on its timeline for release. Heard anything?

I’ve got 1.2 on several on my instances. (Go to add-on manager, Manage add-ons and the select to view the System Add-ons and you’ll see the version that you have). Based on - I would say 1.2 is out in the wild.

Not sure what the beta url is all about but maybe somebody from the dev rels team will know. @pvandevoorde @rwhitbeck @ibuchanan ?

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I don’t have an answer about the beta URL at this time. I’ll ask the Connect team.

My assumption is that it was created for 1.2 to get vendors building for the new Act as User functionality and is still available. It looks as though the “beta” URL has the same content as “latest”.

1.2 seems to be a bit down the road at this point as I am seeing 1.2.35 in my developer instance.

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I got caught out when I used AP.flag and AP.dropdownList in my add-on. It worked fine on the development instance of JIRA Cloud that I was using; but when I ran up a new testing instance of JIRA Cloud, I discovered that AP.flag and AP.dropdownList are not present.

That said, I’ve just checked the system add-ons. Both dev and test are using version 1.2.35 of the Atlassian Connect Plugin. It’s a mystery.

I examined AP._version on both platforms:
On dev, AP._version is “5.0.0-beta.41
On test, AP._version is “3.2.13

Those are the versions of the ACJS. Atlassian has been pushing out v5 the past couple of weeks.

The “Update on Atlassian Connect JS version 5-beta for JIRA and Confluence” thread on the Atlassian Connect Dev Google group sheds more light on this issue.

Separately, I’ve started a discussion about the role of that Google group.

Just to clarify, 1.2.0 was released in October 2016.
This release included the ability to impersonate users via server to server REST calls


Thanks for the clarification, Dave. What I understood to be a delay in the rollout of Atlassian Connect 1.2 was really a delay in the rollout of ACJS version 5.