Atlassian-connect-express - does no allow connection to migrated account

Hi all, this may or may not be an issue, but has anyone experienced an instance where a user cannot connect their account to an integration using atlassian-connect-express because their Jira account was migrated to a new one?

For example, a Jira user has a personal account that was hooked to an integration using atlassian-connect-express and the Jira user gets migrated to a new account along with all their Jira boards and data. The user then cannot connect their migrated integration using ACE. They get an error from Jira Cloud. The ACE Jira app is installed on the new instance and other new Jira instance users are able to connect. It seems only the user with the migrated account cannot connect.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by “connect their account”? Are you referring to an “as user” request to the APIs? Or something else? Maybe a code snippet would help?

@ibuchanan I’m referring to the installation portion of the connect lifecycle.
A user is attempting to connect their account to a Jira instance where they have the associated Jira Addon/App installed. This connection is initiated from a third party site in order to allow for Jira integration with the third party site.


I’m still not sure I follow but the pointer to install & lifecycle is helpful. Maybe the tips I wrote on this thread would help:

@ibuchanan Thank you! This post might help. I think I’m describing an edge case where the user might be running into an secret out of sync issue.